The Popular Outcasts Podcast is free to all of our wonderful listeners. We intend to keep it free, and feel safe saying you will never have to pay for our podcast episodes.

This creates a problem though, it is not free to keep this podcast going. Our patriarch, Bill, has poured over $2,500 into the equipment and a studio that gives the Popular Outcasts Podcast its high quality sound. In addition it costs over $140 a year to keep our domain and hosting, and without those things the podcast will go away. We happily pay to keep bringing you the standard of entertainment that the Popular Outcasts Podcast is know for.

Here's where you come in. If you want to help us in our quest to be the best podcast we can be there are several easy ways.

  1. You can check out our sponsor, Just click here, try them for 30 days, and check out a free audiobook. You're under no obligation to continue, even though you'll probably want to (because it's rules).
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  3. You can donate to us via Paypal.

Since donating to us via Paypal is the most directly beneficial way to help us we've decided to reward our donators with “thank you” gifts!

How the “thank you” gifts work

When you donate to us via Paypal we will be rewarding you with a “thank you” gift that correlates with the amount of money you donate. You are not purchasing these services from us, the gifts are a free token of our appreciation for your donation. We will be adding to the list of gifts available as we create more!

The gifts available are subject to change without notice
You will only receive all of the lower tier gifts if it is explicitly stated in your gift's description
If gifts share the same dollar requirement you must choose only one of those gifts

The “thank you” gifts!


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